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  • Please excuse the dust. We're secretly hard at work on a total revamp of ParagonDB. We have some very cool things in development — and we can't wait to show you. See you soon.

    Khaimera is now available to play in game! As usual with all new hero releases, expect very long queue times with the new guy.

    Khaimera is coming to the fields of Agora June 21!

    This melee fighter is Paragon’s first duelist who specialises in disrupting team fights with close-up encounters. His Pounce leaps to a target enemy hero, briefly stunning that hero and dealing physical damage around him.

    While engaged in fights, Khaimera’s Spirit Regeneration stacks more health regen with each basic attack. His ultimate, Cull, deals a large amount of damage, both rooting and isolating a target from allies.

    Check out a first look at Khaimera in action here:

    Paragon is receiving a substantial overhaul to several of its core game systems with next week's update.

    Draft mode

    Paragon’s current queue system allows you to pick your hero before queueing, with matchmaking trying to put together a reasonably balanced composition of players in different roles. Draft mode would be closer to more traditional MOBAs likeLeague of Legends, where you’ll queue first, and then select your hero in a ban and pick phase once matched with and against other players.

    Hero reworks

    Passive abilities are being removed from all heroes, with some of the passive effects rolled into core hero abilities or stats. The hero levels at which different abilities can be upgraded is being standardised, and basic attacks will no longer be able to levelled, instead gaining in power each time your hero levels up.

    Card experience sharing

    Card experience has always been shared between all nearby friendly players, with all players getting the full amount. This has lead to teams running a deathball strategy, assassinating opponents as a five player group and rapidly snowballing thanks to the sharing system giving all five players the entire amount of card experience. This is being changed to being similar to other major MOBAs, with additional assisting players getting progressively less experience.

    Jungle camps will now only generate card experience for whoever gets the last hit.

    New skins

    Hero changes


    • Passive - Mana Share
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Stasis Bomb
      • No longer gains extended stun duration based on range to target.
      • Adjusted stun duration based on ability level : 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.2.
    • Containment Fence
      • Redesigned - Now prevents enemies from walking out of it by applying a small knockback and a low amount of damage when they attempt to leave.
      • Enemies which touch the Fence from the outside will be sucked inside.
      • No longer blocks allies from walking through the Fence, though still stops enemy projectiles.
      • Cooldown increased from 100 seconds to 120 seconds at all levels.
      • Placement range reduced from 1750 to 1200.
      • Containment Fence now supports team colors.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Audio added to Dekker’s emote, “Friendly Wave”, recall, level start, and select screen animation.

    Feng Mao

    • Passive - The Balance
      • This functionality has been moved into the base hero kit - see below.
    • Conversion Shield
      • Now activates a shield of a fixed magnitude based on ability level.
      • Shield values reduced from 150 / 226 / 303 to 75 / 130 / 185 / 240.
      • The purple pips on Feng Mao’s right arm now indicate when the shield is available for activation.
    • Reaping Dash
      • Reaping Dash now increases Feng Mao's next Basic Attack that connects within four seconds. Feng Mao's blade will glow to indicate the effect is active.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Fixed some graphical issues with the chains hanging off his weapon.
      • Audio added to Feng Mao’s emote, Blade Whirl, along with exertion audio.


    • Passive - Haywire
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Seek & Destroy
      • Slightly increased projectile speed.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Added sounds to Gadget's emote, Chill Out, level start, and recall.
      • Gadget now lists her possible roles and range type properly.


    • Passive - Dark Infusion
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Cosmic Rift
      • Placement range increased from 1500 to 2000.
    • Black Hole
      • Added an extra pull towards the center when the ability begins.
      • Pull strength has been increased and normalized at all distances from the center of the ability.
      • Removed ability confirmation - now casts instantly.
      • Black Hole no longer pulls jungle creeps.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Added sound to Gideon's emote animation, “Levitate”.


    • Passive - Overcharge
      • This ability has been removed.
    • G.T.F.O.
      • This ability can now be stopped by player abilities which block projectiles, such as Steel's “Force Shield” or Dekker's “Containment Fence”.
      • Audio has been updated.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Updated movement audio.
      • Jump sounds now correctly play while sprinting.


    • Passive - Only the Strong Survive
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Smash & Grab
      • Range increased from 1000 to 1350.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Audio added to “Battlecry” emote.


    • Passive - Fast Reload
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Land Mine
      • Range increased from 1000 to 1250.
    • R2000 Missile
      • Range increased from 2000 to 2200.
    • Make it Rain
      • Range increased from 1500 to 1750.
      • Cooldown increased from 100 to 115.
      • Damage duration is 4.2 seconds at all levels.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Jetpack sounds updated.
      • Audio added to emote, “Why I Oughta”!

    Iggy & Scorch

    • Passive - Ignite
      • This functionality has been moved into the base hero kit - see below.
    • Flame Turret
      • Cooldown increased from 1 second to 3 seconds.
      • Decreased deactivation time from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Oil Spill
      • Placement range increased from 1500 to 1750.
      • Ignite functionality is now core to Oil Spill.
    • Flame Belch
      • Removed ability confirmation - now casts instantly.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Adjusted onscreen FX during Flame Belch and Flame Turret.
      • Adjusted Burn screen FX to be less opaque, increasing visibility.
      • Mana Regen has been removed as a recommended stat.
      • Turret stack counter now updates properly.
      • Turrets no longer stay cloaked while firing from a shadow pad.


    • Kallari has been reworked.
      • Please see below for a detailed breakdown of the changes.
    • Passive - Marked for Death
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Slash
      • Reduced base damage from 60 to 51.
    • Backflip
      • Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 18 seconds.
    • Shadow Walk
      • Stealth duration increased and now scales with ability level.(From 6 seconds to 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 seconds.
      • Cooldown slightly reduced per level.
      • Cooldown now begins when ability is activated, not when it ends.
      • Allied stealth sound has been removed - teammates will only hear when stealth is activated.
      • Enemies will no longer hear Kallari while she is stealthed near them but not visible.
      • Kallari now gets a small attack damage bonus on the first hit of her Slash if she breaks stealth to attack a target.
      • Kallari now has a 2 second fade time at all levels of stealth. During this time, she is still fully visible to enemies.
    • Blood Dagger
      • Ability renamed to “Crippling Dagger”.
      • Damage adjusted to 100 / 130 / 160 / 190.
      • Bleed has been removed.
      • Now slows target by -70 / -95 / -120 / -145 Movement Speed.
      • Damage scaling reduced from 1.0 to 0.5.
    • Death Sentence
      • This ability has been redesigned.
      • Active: Mark all enemy targets for 5/6/7 seconds, giving Kallari and her team full vision of them. During this time, Kallari may choose to teleport to any enemy after a 1.25 second channel. On arrival, the target takes 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 times base attack damage. Cooldown is 125 / 115 / 105 seconds.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Fixed a bug where Kallari could activate stealth while channeling recall.
      • Mana Regen has been removed as a recommended stat.


    • Passive - Hot Pursuit
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Shielding Shot
      • Ability renamed to “Move Along”.
      • No longer provides damage reduction.
      • Radius of effect has been increased.
      • Now displaces targets instead of knocking them back.
    • Static Lock
      • Now correctly turns invisible on Shadowpads.
    • Devastating Blast
      • Damage to minions reduced by 76%.
      • Range increased to global.
      • Damage now ignores enemy target’s Energy Resist.
      • Base damage reduced from 340 / 440 / 540 to 260 / 295 / 330.
      • Audio range of fire sound has been altered to match new range.


    • Passive - Restoration
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Alacrity
      • Shield value adjusted from 180 / 410 / 640 to 60 / 110 / 160 / 210.
    • Consecrated Ground
      • Shield value adjusted from 120 / 210 / 300 / 390 / 480 to 100 / 175 / 250 / 325.
      • Increased cast range from 1000 to 1750.
    • Reversal of Fortune
      • Shield value reduced from 700 / 900 / 1100 to 350 / 600 / 850.
      • Now only applies soft cooldown if the ability is cancelled by a hostile action. Choosing to cancel the ability still triggers no cooldown.


    • Now scales as a Fighter.
    • Passive - King of the Jungle.
      • This functionality has been moved into the base hero kit - see below.
    • Boulder Throw
      • Projectile speed slightly increased.
      • Boulder Throw no longer deals reduced damage to minions.
    • Thick Skin
      • Ability renamed to “King of the Jungle”.
      • Now increases Rampage’s regeneration in the Jungle by 4.2 hp/s at all levels while inside the Jungle in addition to its current effect.
    • Enraged
      • No longer provides 10% bonus damage.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Fixed a rare bug where screen FX would persist if Rampage died while enraged.


    • Now scales as a Fighter.
    • Passive - Invigorate
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Shock Therapy
      • Fixed damage numbers and tool tip description to properly reflect how much extra damage is added to Whip.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Ability icons updated.
      • Bots can now play as Riktor.
      • Added 3 point Lord's Harvester Key to Starter Deck.
      • Riktor’s emote, “Back to Work!”, should now have the proper name and description in the Master Challenge screen.
      • Corrected an issue where a red flash at the end of Skewer would play on nearby players who were not affected by it.


    • Now scales as a Fighter.
    • Passive - Soul Tap
      • This functionality has been moved into the base hero kit - see below.
    • Siphon
      • Now provides Soul Tap functionality.
    • Subjugate
      • Applied slow no longer gradually scales.
      • Slow value adjusted to a static -170 Movement Speed for 3 seconds at all levels.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Sound added for Sevarog emote, “The Babe”, and victory emote.


    • Passive - Relentless
      • This functionality has been moved into the base hero kit - see below.
    • Hall of Arrows
      • Card scaling has been reduced from 1.0 to 0.25.
    • Invigorate
      • Ability renamed to “Relentless”.
      • Ability has been redesigned - no longer increases attack speed.
      • Passive : Successive hits on the same target deal an additional 3/7/11/15 Physical. Damage. This effect stacks and is triggered by any damage Sparrow causes.
        • This ability now caps at 10 stacks.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Added Sparrow death and low health vocal efforts.
      • Corrected a bad interaction with Inner Fire and Bowshot.


    • Now scales as a Fighter.
    • Passive - Unstoppable Force
      • This ability has been removed.
    • Force Shield
      • Force Shield now removes enemy targets from the Shadowplane when slow is applied.
    • Polish / Bug Fixing:
      • Audio added to Steel’s emote, “Bring it On!”.


    • Passive - On a Roll
      • This functionality has been moved into the base hero kit - see below.
    • Rocket Dash
      • Travel distance added to tooltip.
    • Nitro
      • Rebalanced Q for new LMB damage and updated in tooltip.
      • Mana cost reduced.
      • Increased CD to account for active duration.
    • Grenade!
      • Slow duration added to tooltip.
    • Barrage
      • Rebalanced ultimate for new LMB damage.
      • No longer has additional movement penalty during activation.

    Read the full patch notes over at the  Paragon blog.

    Riktor is now available for all players to play and enjoy! As usual, expect extremely long queue times when playing as a newly released hero.

    Check out Riktor's hero spotlight video below:

    Smash and grab. And then smash some more.

    Riktor is coming to Paragon on May 31, bringing a crowd control beatdown style to Agora. Get a sneak peek of him in action below:

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